Brands Offering Custom Warehouse Automation Solutions In India

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According to data and forecasts, the worldwide warehouse management automation industry will be worth at least $19.5 billion by the end of 2025. This suggests that many breakthroughs in the field can be expected in the near future as firms try to solve the automation puzzle. With the help of IoT sensors, AI is enabling warehouse automation, allowing organisations to record and analyse data in real-time. As a result, the tedious work of sorting and arranging items to be carried out at a warehouse hub has been automated, increasing the efficiency and turnaround time. Here is a look at some of the top companies offering warehouse automation solutions in India. 

Atmos Systems 

Atmos Systems has pioneered a new approach to total warehouse operations, focusing solely on digital investments to maximise returns. Atmos automates different warehouse functions, either partially or completely, employing ASRS Systems, ACR Systems, WMS, material handling equipment, sortation systems, and smart conveyor systems, with a focus on value-driven warehouse automation. Under the
name Saifi, the company has a long history of automation in the Indian manufacturing industry. Its services are used by companies in the E-commerce, FMCG, 3PL, and logistics industries. The organisation is planning to open a full-fledged experience centre soon.

Falcon Autotech 

Falcon Autotech is one of the country's leading warehouse automation companies, specialising in adaptable, smart, cost-effective, and innovative solutions. The home-grown company that designs and manufactures world-class warehouse automation solutions solves the intra-logistics difficulties that businesses encounter. Delhivery, a market-bound logistics firm, recently invested in Falcon Autotech to collaborate on developing future-ready hardware solutions. The company, which was created in 2004, serves organisations in the logistics, ecommerce, and courier industries. 

Armstrong Ltd:

Armstrong believes in combining hardware and software with inventive know-how to solve difficult warehouse and logistics automation problems. Its services are not only intuitive, but also focused on optimising space, increasing visibility, improving operating efficiency, and reducing effort. Automated Storage and Retrieval System, Sorting and Dispatch Management, Palletising, and other 4.0/IIOT compliant systems are among the company's offerings. 


The company offers AI cloud software and robotics to increase a warehouse's overall capacity. The company has created various novel automation solutions for assisted picking, vertical space utilisation, autonomous picking, and turn to stock, making it a disruptor in the warehouse automation industry. High configurability and quickness are features of the solutions.

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