BitsCrunch Rebranding For Upgraded Work Outlook

BitsCrunch Rebranding For Upgraded Work Outlook - Sakshi Post

This rebranding initiative will remain true to its core mission of providing AI-supported advanced Blockchain technology but in a new and innovative way.

BitsCrunch, a German AI Corporation, has been a leader in cutting-edge Blockchain technology. The Munich-based tech giant merges it with AI to protect the NFT ecosystem. They are heavily into developing insights from complex data for effective control of analytical systems. They have undertaken an image rebranding process to facilitate showcasing their renewed approach and outlook. It will also reflect where they will head soon. This rebranding will match the ever-changing advancements in the world of Blockchain technology and BitsCrunch’s position in the whole setting.

The previous representation and work method were seen as restrictive and low-key. The company felt it did not match their changing professional requirements and the field they worked in. There was an urgency to build a bold brand image to reflect this transformed position. The rebranding exercise is the outcome. 

While keeping its core mission unchanged, it will still develop effectual insights from complex data sources gathered from varied ecosystems. It will facilitate them in giving a user-friendly & exclusive AI-powered analytics dashboard to produce usable intelligence.

"A brand’s identity is only as good as its ability to communicate the brand’s mission and values. This transformation, we believe, effectively portrays BitsCrunch’s mission and vision," states Vijay Pravin Maharajan, Founder & CEO, BitsCrunch. "The logo is a symbolic view of a shield, which denotes our robust and intelligent solution and protection on the Blockchain. Our tagline too goes with what we have thought for ourselves."

This rebranding is just the start, according to Vijay. "Our cross-functional team of artificial intelligence experts is building towards a better future for the NFT ecosystem. We’re eager to leverage our new identity to develop a deeper relationship with the community in the NFT and crypto space."

BitsCrunch intends to remain true to its role as ecosystem guardian and to work toward this goal in the future.

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