AP, Telangana Hospitals to Benefit From MEIL Oxygen Supply

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Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited Group (MEIL) will augment the supply of oxygen in Telugu states by 35 lakh litres per day.

Because of the rising number of Covid cases in Telangana, there is a shortage of oxygen cylinders.

Telangana: Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited Group (MEIL) has once again shown its generosity in the face of adversity. Innocent people are dying as a result of a lack of oxygen. Governments, no matter how hard they try, are helpless due to a shortage of oxygen. 

At this crucial juncture, Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. stands by the Telugu State Governments. The organization wants to give away free B-type cylinders.

The Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited Group (MEIL) is prepared to receive the massive assistance that oxygen offers, as there is insufficient oxygen to meet the growing number of patients. Telangana's government has received its proposals.

Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited Group (MEIL) has suggested supplying 500 to 600 oxygen cylinders with a 7,000-liter capacity. As a result, the company stated in its proposals that it will supply 35 lakh litres of oxygen per day to important hospitals in the Telugu states. NIMS, Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Care Hi-Tech Hospital all requested the decision.

Currently, the hospitals have sent proposals stating that NIMS requires 50 cylinders per day, Sarojini Eye Hospital requires 200 cylinders, and Apollo Hospital requires 100 cylinders. They demanded that the availability of oxygen be increased in tandem with the number of beds available in the future. Megha agreed to create plants and provide oxygen in response to their appeal.

Here's a look at free oxygen cylinders supplied to hospitals in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by MEIL so far.

Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited Group (MEIL) is enlisting the assistance of the DRDO to boost development in order to meet current oxygen demands. In partnership, the DRDO expects to construct 30 to 40 oxygen production plants. These plants have the equipment necessary to provide onboard oxygen for warplanes. Each plant can produce 150 to 100 litres of oxygen per minute while in use. Colonel BS Rawat of the DRDO and Senior Scientist Dr. Raghavendra Rao of the DRDO are in charge of the project.

Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited Group (MEIL) converts 30 metric tonnes of cryogenic oxygen a day into liquid oxygen at the moment. A similar structure will be built at the ITC in Bhadrachalam. Another 30 tonnes of cryogenic oxygen will be required for medical use as a result of this. If necessary, the cloud company is prepared to import 10-15 cryogenic oxygen tanks from its facility in Spain. All of this would be very beneficial to the supply and storage of liquid oxygen.

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