American Precoat Opens First-of-Its-Kind Automotive-Grade Electro Galvanized Steel Plant in India

American Precoat Opens First-of-Its-Kind Automotive-Grade Electro Galvanized Steel Plant in India - Sakshi Post

Running full-throttle endorsing "Vocal for Local"

New Delhi: In what could be described only as a game-changing, strategic development in the steel industry of the country, American Precoat Specialty Pvt. Ltd. has set up its continuous electro-galvanised steel plant in India at Valsad, Gujarat.

What makes the move all the more alluring for the Indian automobile industry is that the plant is developing and manufacturing automotive-grade EG Steel. It is the first of its kind from a company in India, an economy that spends millions of dollars every year importing EG Steel from suppliers such as South Korea, China, and Taiwan to meet the requirements of its local automobile industries.

The American Precoat ensures that the market’s need for automotive-grade EG steel will be met with a focus on the idea of "Vocal for Local."

Speaking to our special correspondent, Dr Shubh Gautam, the Promoter and Chief Technical Architect of American Precoat Specialty, said, "American Precoat makes an absolute substitute for the imported steel and stands tall with its head held high as a landmark to refrain our nation’s exchequer from being loaded with millions of dollars, to import the EG still from outside the territory of our country."

He also spoke about the need to make the steel industry in India self-sufficient. "What we are doing is a mass example to promote the idea of ‘Make in India", he added.

What Shubh Gautam brings with him is a long-term vision for the country’s automobile manufacturing industry, which even now depends on steel imports.

With American Precoat’s EG Steel plant in India, Mr Gautam aims to change that for good.

A multi-faceted entity, American Precoat serves customers around the globe with products ranging from special steel, polymer blend alloys, coil coatings, to speciality coatings, among a gamut of other products.

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