How BTS ARMY Played Detective and Solved V-Jennie Dating Mystery

How BTS ARMY Played Detective and Solved V-Jennie Dating Mystery - Sakshi Post

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie dating rumours are getting more intense by the day. 

For a month now, a hacker who managed to get hold of Jennie’s iCloud has been posting pictures of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie. 

From a few casual pictures to personal ones, all the pics were leaked on social media. 

Neither the idols nor their agencies have reacted to the issue. 

Now, it appears Jennie and V are also dropping hints about their relationship. Taehyung posted a picture with a cat which is suspected to be Jennie’s Mother cat. 

Besides, a few pictures of him on the bed seem to be from Jennie’s bedroom. Fans noticed that her current bed was changed on February 4. 
In addition, the outfit in the photo that Jenny posted on New Year is the same as the one in the photo where she enjoys a date with V, which has further fuelled rumours. In other words, V and Jenny’s dating period is the first 8 months, and it seems that they already started dating last year.

In December last year, V followed Jennie on Instagram even before other BTS members. However, it is considered to be a beginner’s mistake when V posted “Instagram recommendation is there any way to get rid of this? It’s a scary app.” After some time in the live session also when BTS members shared their problems with social media, they talked about Instagram. Jimin was seen making fun of V for following Jennie unknowingly. That is when fans realised something was brewing between them. 

An official clarification from both the idols is awaited.

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