British Singer Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Look Like BTS Jimin

British Singer Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Look Like BTS Jimin - Sakshi Post

A British singer who is obsessed with popular Korean group BTS member Jimin underwent 32 plastic surgery procedures to look like him.

Oli London, 32, has issued a statement asking for the forgiveness of K-pop idol Park Jimin – known by his stage name, Jimin – for attempting to alter his appearance to mimic that of the East Asian singer and dancer. 

The UK singer had stayed in Korea for a year, which changed him completely as a person. The letter reads, "I found solace and happiness in K-pop and Korean culture, it gave me an escape from reality and I funnelled all of my attention and love into someone who I greatly admired and idolised – Park Jimin [sic].”

“I changed my entire life thinking I could become as beautiful and talented as Jimin,” they explained.

In the wake of backlash from social media users regarding his claim to a different nationality and race, London has now vowed to become a “better version of myself.”

He continued: “I apologise wholeheartedly to Jimin, to BTS, to Army [the BTS fandom] and all the Asian community who may have found my obsession ‘too much’, ‘creepy’ or ‘unhealthy’. I will always love Jimin and admire him however I am now taking accountability for my past behaviour that I have come to see was not healthy or normal and I promise I will do better and change as a person.”

London concluded: “This is how I feel inside but I never want to ever cause offence or for people to think I do not acknowledge the lived experiences and many struggles Asian people face on a daily basis. I’m sorry everyone, especially to you Park Jimin and I promise to do better.”

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