Uljhe Hue One of the Most Memorable and Fun Experiences: Sanjana Sanghi

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Sanjana Sanghi has been the talk of the town, especially during the Valentine week owing to the release of her latest short film – ‘Uljhe Hue’ on Amazon miniTV free within the Amazon shopping application. The actress who is playing the female lead in the movie, received love from audiences and critics alike for her brilliant performance and ever charming looks. The actress threw light onto an endearing fact related to her short film, revealing how working with her co-star Abhay Verma and Satish Raj was one of the most fun experiences she had.

"Being able to create something beautiful with Satish, Ida, Abhay was one of the most memorable and fun experiences. It was overall an unparalleled creative synergy and that was such a fulfilling experience and absolute pleasure”, said, Lead Actress, Sanjana Sanghi.

For the uninitiated, ‘Uljhe Hue’  features new-age actors Sanjana Sanghi and Abhay Verma, and the short film beautifully captures the romantic chronicles of two youngsters – Rasika and Varun. This riveting tale revolves around how Rasika, an introverted visual artist bumps into Varun, a lawyer, after being stood up on a date. They happen to chit-chat and bond a bit more than strangers usually do. Will they find the courage to reach out for love or will they be too shy and hide their feelings? ‘Uljhe Hue’ will answer the rest. This short film is directed by Satish Raj Kasireddi, produced by Ahab Jafri (Lockdown Shorts Studio), and written by Ida Ali. 

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