Ranveer Singh to Forego 83 Remuneration After Makers Run Into Losses

 - Sakshi Post

83, one of the most lavish and big production projects of 2021 is not performing well at the box office. This has left everyone in shock. The Kabir Khan directorial was expected to be a high grossing film but now the news has come that the movie has run into losses. The producers including Deepika Padukone did not expect this to happen.

The biopic of Kapil Dev or more so a documentary 1983 World Cup, didn’t excite the audience enough to get them to the theatres. According to a source close to the producers, the fight will now begin as to what caused the film's failure. Everyone will rush to blame each other.

"The film has the appearance and feel of being a documentary on the 1983 World Cup. During the shoot of 83, some members of the production crew had called this out. Why shoot at the expensive Lords stadium in London when there are so many similar-sized cricket stadiums just here in India? But the skeptics were shut off by the crew who believed that the film will be great enough to bring viewers to theaters. 

Now to deal with losses and to make up for it, the film’s main lead Ranveer Singh will probably write off his remaining fees. A large amount of the decided fees for Ranveer in this film is yet to be paid. But looking at the response to 83, maybe he will forgo the rest of the amount.

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