Life Comes A Full Circle For Aahana Kumra As She Returns To Prithvi Theatre For Diwali

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Aahana Kumra on performing Sir Sir Sarla on Diwali: It is like homecoming to be on the stage at Prtihvi theatre

The versatile Aahana Kumra has been going places with her fabulous performances across a variety of shows and movies. However, much like many of the finest actors in the industry, Aahana started her career as an artist with theatre. And while she is still connected to those roots, her Diwali performance at Prithvi Theatre on Diwali 2021 is a rather special one.

Aahana first associated with the much loved play Sir Sir Sarla back in 2012, and ever since, the play has been going strong and how. In what is almost a decade since the Diwali night of 2012, Aahana will be back on the stage at Prithvi Theatre donning the role of Sarla for the play, and once again, on the night of Diwali. And if this isn't what homecoming feels like, what would?

Aahana, while talking about the same, tells us, ''It was the stage that made me an artist, and while I have done TV, films, and shows later, I will always have a special connection and admiration for theatre. This Diwali performance at Prithvi theatre after 9 years, is not just life coming to a full circle, but also a major sense of nostalgia, for it reminds me of how it all started. My love for theatre is unprecedented and I know that no matter what heights I reach, I will be in touch with my roots. From first performing on the Diwali of 2012 to now, on the Diwali of 2021, I think its a mixed bundle of emotions for me, but most of all, there's gratitude.''

The play has been penned and directed by Makrand Deshpande, and is primarily a 4-character play, where Aahana plays the titular role of Sarla, Makrand plays the professor aka Sir, Sanjay Dadhich plays Panidhar, a student at the University, and Keshav plays Sarla's husband, who is also a student.

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