I Don't Want to Have an Image, Says Saif Ali Khan

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Vikram Vedha recently released to positive reviews. The film has been going strong at the box office thanks to a good word of mouth. It stars Saif Ali Khan as Vikram. Directed by Pushkar–Gayatri, it also has Hrithik Roshan. Saif interacted with the media during an event. Excerpts:

It’s a rare found appreciation for two hero films. Does it increase your confidence a notch higher?

It’s different when we talk about confidence. Sometimes you have to go to work even if you have not been successful. But it feels good to be able to be confident, knowing your job and to deliver for that and of course if the film does well it feels great.

Vikram Vedha and your next film Adipurush are about good vs evil. How did you choose this character?

I don’t know. My manager said, “You must decide about the cop’s role." I never thought it was the other guy. Yes, respite is always there and in a way it is nice. It’s easy to get typecast and the range of emotions you deal with becomes a little different. I thought this was a great role. Vikram has got his darker moments also. He is not an angel by any means. By the end of Adipurush I was crawling all the time you know (laughs).

Would you have liked to play Vedha? What difference would you bring in the character?

It’s a great role. Hrithik has performed wonderfully well. You cannot imagine anyone else. If you look at the lines written, it’s potentially a fascinating character. I never thought about playing it. It's a very naughty character. Maybe it's a different take. It's a beautifully written part. His character was definitely a mind game. Every actor has a different way of putting up their act. Obviously, I would do it differently. We are different individuals. (Smiles) I probably would enact in an impish manner perhaps.

How was your experience working with director duo Pushkar-Gayatri?

Well on the first day R. Madhavan shared a few things with me about them. Well, I can only share this… He said, “You will have an amazing time. They understand what you want to do.” There is kindness, patience and also brilliance. Filmmaking is technically a tough process. It is easy to get wrong and difficult to get right. And the journey begins right from the inception of the writing process until the release of the film. They are accomplished technicians, writers and sensitive people. They surely created a comfortable working experience.

So will you sign their next film?

I don’t mind but if they say they will take another 10 years then (smiles) time will tell. However, we haven’t signed a three-film deal or even next film yet.

Have you ever felt scared while working with any directors?

Pushkar scared me slightly! I felt scared of a lot of directors. Actually, when you start very young, you are capable of feeling scared. I started very young when I was just 22 years old. But now, hopefully I am not scared as we are on the same page with the director of any project.

Is it a challenge to balance being a superstar and a performer?

If you call me a superstar it sounds great. I love it. I have read reviews because I like to read them. I like to play the character. I don’t like to play like a star, walk like a star or give that look like a star. I don’t want to have an image. Star status is an unfortunate by-product and I would rather have no persona at all apart from the character I’m playing. It’s all a put on.

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