Chehre Maker Says No Industry Can Overshadow Another When Content Reigns Supreme

 - Sakshi Post

Veteran producer Anand Pandit is often asked if regional tentpole hits are going to overshadow Hindi cinema and he says, "We seem to get fixated with certain ideas or phrases and keep repeating them as infinitum. 'Tentpole hits' is one such phrase and would have you believe that Hindi cinema has lost its mojo to entertain the masses. 

From the time of its inception,  Hindi cinema has been delivering blockbusters and has survived piracy, the onslaught of cable and satellite TV, OTT streamers and even the pandemic. Since theatres began reopening, we have seen a variety of films doing very well. And the hits will continue to come."

He believes what has changed though is that the tastes of the audiences have become more diverse. He adds, "It is a fact that regional hits are going national and people are now more open to regional as well as international content than ever before  but I see it as an advantage. This means that Hindi cinema will have to evolve to not just deliver great content in India but also globally. 

We have always had a large following internationally but now it is time for the industry to become a bonafide  global entertainer. Hindi cinema has always delivered tentpole hits and always will and at a time when content reigns supreme, no industry will overshadow the other because every storyteller will be focussed on breaking new ground cinematically. I see this as a win-win situation for all, especially the audience."

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