Chandan Roy Sanyal on Why Bollywood Films Bombed at Box Office

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Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal, who is best known for films like ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Kaminey’, ‘Jazbaa’, as well as web series such as ‘Aashram’ and Netflix’s anthology ‘Ray’, will next be seen in ‘Woh 3 Din’ alongside Sanjay Mishra.

In an exclusive interview with The Free Press Journal, Chandan gets candid about his role in ‘Woh 3 Din’, why major Bollywood films didn’t do well on the big screen, and more. Chandan essays the role of Walter White in ‘Woh 3 Din’ directed by Raj Ashoo. Sharing how he came on board for the same, he says, “The director called me one day and said he was making a film and would like me to play a role in it. Sanjay Mishra suggested my name and he really thought I should do it because nobody can do this role better.

I play the role of a passenger and Mishra is a rickshaw puller who is looking for ways to make some money because he's a poor man. I promise him that I'll pay an amount which he's never thought of and when he agrees to the arrangement is what sets the crux of the film and their journey together.”

Speaking about his experience working with Sanjay Mishra, Chandan gushes, “I haven't tried the comedy genre much, and to do it with Sanjay Mishra, a fine actor himself is very interesting. Mishra is also a foodie like me and we were shooting in a small town which is an hour away from Benaras. We used to go and find fresh vegetables from the farm to cook on the set, prepare it under a tree then and there, and have lunch. We used to improvise a lot on set and the script got better and better every day. It’s all about the timing in comedy and I hope the audience likes it.” Chandan’s film is clashing with Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan-starrer ‘Vikram Vedha’. When asked why mainstream feature films released this year didn’t attract enough footfall in theatres, Chandan explains that it could be because the audience wants to watch fresh stories and perspectives. He says, “All of us being a part of this fraternity need to pull up our socks and spend time on creating original scripts, give chance to what a story deserves. A film will only run when the story is great and to fulfill a story's demands would really help make a great film. The audience is also watching a lot of global content on OTT, hence we need to get our act together. There is no formula for success. We can't just pick up someone else's work and copy it because every region has its own aesthetic. We need to make films that can live forever.”

It’s been over a decade for Chandan in showbiz. The actor believes that when it comes to art he intends to improve it every single day. “I believe in staying true to my profession, and the rest will follow. There are times when as an artist you get bogged down or get rejected, but you keep doing what you need to do because one day people will wake up to your talent and you just have to be ready when that happens,” he concludes. 

Courtesy: The Free Press Journal

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