Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan Among Finalists, Find Out How He Got Immunity From Eviction

 - Sakshi Post

Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 14 is one TV reality show that enjoys maximum TRPs. Thanks to the format of the show and the subsequent controversies, choice of contestants and of course host Salman Khan, BB14 has been full of drama. 

We know that there is no scope for pretence inside Bigg Boss house as you are being watched round the clock and under constant scrutiny of the cameras placed inside the house. So Bigg Boss contestants have no choice but to bare theirs souls.

In one such attempt, popular BB14 contestants Eijaz Khan revealed his darkest life secret. He recalled how he became very sensitive to touch after facing molestation as a child. This not only moved the audience and upped the TRPs but also brought in empathy and care for Eijaz among housemates. 

With this revelation, Eijaz Khan is said to have earned himself a immunity stone from none other than fellow housemate 
Rubina Dilaik. With this, Eijaz is said to have found a place for himself among the Bigg Boss 14 finalists. 

Eijaz said that was molested as a child and that this was known only to his dad and his therapist. Not only did he break down revealing this but made Kavita Kaushik too break down. Panelist Sandiip Sikcand also offered Eijaz some emotional support. 

With Eijaz gaining a place in the final week, it remains to be seen who else will get immunity. 

It is worth mentioning here that Salman Khan shocked everyone in the episode last night by saying Bigg Boss 14 finals would be held in a week's time.

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