Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni To Focus On Bigg Boss After Jasmin Exit?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 14 is riding high on success after the entry of Challengers and with the help of them, the other contestants are also trying their every bit to make the show interesting. Recently, it was Jasmin who was evicted from the house. Aly Goni and Jasmin have a special connection to each other. They both were seen discussing their marriage or future in the house. Jasmin said to Aly that she don't mind marrying him but he should get approval from her parents.

If Jasmin parents reject his proposal then she said she can't marry him. During Jasmin eviction, Aly Goni is seen crying like a baby after Salman Khan's announced her elimination. In a recent episode, Aly Goni is seen being upset in the house. It is pretty clear Aly Goni is missing Jasmin a lot. He is one of the strong contestants in the house and he has all qualities to become the winner of the season. Reports are doing the rounds that Aly Goni seems to be losing grip on the show after Jasmin exit. Will he able to win the show has become a hot topic on social media. 

Last week, Jasmin’s parents entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a part of family week and advised her to play a solo game. Even when she insisted that her bond with her Aly goes back a long way, they stood by their words.

“My parents were misunderstood. They asked me to focus on my game, jo bhi kaha unhone woh game ke liye kaha (they said what they did for the game). Why will my parents have any problem with our relationship? I have had a discussion with them and they are very happy,” she told The Times of India.“I have fallen in love and it’s a beautiful feeling. I don’t mind getting married this year, my parents are okay with it. Once Aly comes out, they will meet his parents. We need to know what his parents have to say about it. I have met them a few times, but pehle hum sirf dost thay (we were just friends then). Once they approve our relationship, phir main wait nahi karungi (I will not wait), I will get married. I know Aly is the one for me,” she added.

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