Arpita Khan Sharma Having Fun With Friends Breaking Plates, Video Viral

 - Sakshi Post

Bollywood Bhaijaan Salman Khan's baby sister Arpita Khan Sharma seemed to be having a whale of s time at hotel in Dubai. In true Greek tradition, she was seen breaking plates. 

Have a look at the video here..

Plate smashing is a Greek custom involving breaking of plates or glasses during Celebrations. In popular culture, the practice is most typical of foreigners' stereotypical image of Greece, and while it occurs more rarely today, it continues to be a common practice on certain occasions, such as weddings, although plaster plates are more likely to be used.

Arpita is seen enjoying the Greek tradition with her friends and is also accompanied by her son Ahil. We saw the video shared on her Instagram handle. Arpita is wearing a black outfit in the video.

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