Actress Gets Rape, Death Threats For Supporting Farmers

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It is known that farmers from across North India have been protesting in the national capital for more than two months against the new agricultural laws brought by the Centre. While celebrities from all over the world are supporting the farmers following the Republic Day event . Celebrities in our country are supporting the government. In this context, British actress Jameela Jamil said that she had received rape threat and death threat for supporting the farmers.

She posted a message on her Instagram, "For the past few months, I have often spoken in support of Indian farmers. As a result I face threats. They are threatening me with rape and even kill me. Those who do such things should keep in mind one thing .. I am also a human being and I can bear anything to some extent. I express my solidarity with the farmers. Recognize that those who take part in this movement are fighting for their just rights.”

Have a look at Jameela Jamil's insta post

As for Jameela, her father Ali Jamil is of Indian descent and her father Shirin Jamil is of Pakistani descent. Jameela started her television career with T4 in 2009. Jameela hosted the pop culture series, which ran until 2012. Tahani al-Jameel became very popular in the fantasy comedy series The Good Place on NBC.

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