YSRCP Team Submits Memo To CEC Seeking To Cancel TDP's Recognition

YSRCP Team Submits Memo To CEC Seeking To Cancel TDP  Party Recognition - Sakshi Post

NEW DELHI:  A team of YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) MPs led by Parliamentary Party Leader V Vijayasai Reddy submitted a memorandum to the Central Election Commission on Thursday, seeking to cancel the recognition of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). They sought legal action to be taken against TDP leaders who used abusive and vulgar language against the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking to the media after meeting the CEC members, YSRCP MP Vijayasai said that the TDP has become a terrorist outfit and that there was no place for such parties in a democracy.

A memorandum has been submitted to the Chief Election Commissioner and members of the Commission to cancel the recognition of the Telugu Desam Party which is acting undemocratically in Andhra Pradesh, he said. They submitted evidence of the remarks made by TDP leaders like Nara Lokesh, Devineni Uma, Bonda Uma, Ayyannapathrudu, and K Pattabhiram to the members of the Election Commission, he said.

It is deplorable to insult a constitutional head who is the Chief Minister of the State, with such obscene, filthy language and who is constitutionally elected by the people in that way. Members of the Election Commission were also shocked by the language they used, the MP said.

He said that now the TDP can be portrayed as a terrorist party outfit in  AP and there is no place for such parties in a democracy. If a political party acts like a terrorist outfit and is allowed to contest elections in a democracy, where thieves, terrorists, MLAs, and MPs are elected, one can understand the situation in the country, he said.

We have explained to the Election Commission that there should be no place for Telugu Desam thieves and Telugu Desam terrorists in the elections to be held constitutionally. We told them that cases have been filed against TDP leaders and they requested the FIR copies to be sent, Vijaysai Reddy said.

Speaking further he said that 14 seats are vacant in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council where 11 vacancies are from local bodies. We have appealed to the Central Election Commission to fill the 3 vacancies elected by the MLAs to which the Election Commission responded positively.

YSRCP MPs Margani Bharat, N Reddappa, BV Satyavathi, Sanjeev Kumar, Goddeti Madhavi, and other members were part of the delegation that met the CEC officials.

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Letter submitted to the CEC by YSRCP 


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