Privilege Motion: YSRCP MP Vijayasai Reddy To Submit Video Footage of TV5 Journalist Sambasiva Rao's Program

 - Sakshi Post

NEW DELHI: Deputy Secretary of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat  Har Prateek Arya on Tuesday, directed YSRCP MP V Vijaysai Reddy to submit the video footage of the programme 'Top Story' aired by TVS Telugu News channel based on the privilege motion filed by the YSRCP MP V Vijayasai Reddy for further action.

A privilege motion was moved by YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) Rajya Sabha member V. Vijaya Sai Reddy against  journalist E Sambasiva Rao of the TV 5 Media House to the Privilege Committee. In a formal complaint addressed to the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha,Vijaya Sai Reddy stated that the TV 5 News Channel news journalist  had made a series of malicious statements which were derogatory in nature, against the YSRCP MP in a programme aired on the channel a couple of days ago. In his complaint, he stated that the journalist used defamatory language, which seemed more like propaganda against him.

With the complaint, he subsequently moved the privilege motion with the Privileges Committee of the Rajya Sabha under various counts of violation of the journalistic ethics, media and broadcasting rules. He also brought to fore the set precedents of the Privileges Committee of the Rajya Sabha about any kind of act, which denigrates or maligns the members of the House and take action against the Media House.

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