YSRCP Complains to EC Over TDP Irregularities

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YSRCP general secretary MLC Lella Appireddy and MLA Monditoka Jaganmohan Rao complained to state election commissioner Neelam Sahni that the Telugu Desam Party was indulging in irregularities in the municipal, ZPTC and MPTC elections. 

They sought appropriate action to be taken against them. Appireddy told the media that Chandrababu had tried to create disturbances during elections to create security issues.

He said that the YSRCP wanted the elections to be held in a democratic manner. He said that Chandrababu was looking for new excuses as he was aware of the defeat his party would suffer in the elections. People know that Chandrababu has a habit of making such excuses when he loses, he recalled. 

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He also said that they had provided adequate evidence for Chandrababu's irregularities to Election Commissioner. Among those who met the commissioner was Narayanamurthy, executive chairman of the Navratna Implementation Program.

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