Young Leaders See No Future In TDP

 - Sakshi Post

What is the future of the young leaders in the TDP? This question is tormenting most second and third rung leaders in the party. They are feeling insecure in the party. As a result, even some senior party leaders are reportedly advising their wards to join some other party and not remain in Telugu Desam.

This is turning out to be a huge embarrassment for the TDP boss, who wants to promote his son Nara Lokesh in the party. To facilitate an easy ascension, he is asking the senior leaders to give way to younger generation. But, in most places, the seniors are refusing to allow the younger ones to take over. Some seniors, who want to have best of both the words, are sending their wards into other parties , while they themselves stay put in the TDP. Thus, they have the leadership of the local party unit firmly in their hands, while allowing their sons to grow in other parties.

Finding that this will leave them with no future in the TDP, many young leaders are now looking towards other parties. They feel that there is no chance to grow and develop his own constituency. They will have to remain under the leadership of the worn-out old leadership, they feel. Hence the younger generation of the TDP are now planning to leave the party.

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