Will This MLA Stay Back In The TDP?

 - Sakshi Post

It’s not for nothing that Chandrababu is likened to Machiavelli. He knows how to play the game of political chess and make deft moves. But the only problem is – times are a changing and some of his moves have lost their sharpness.

Stung by the resignation of MLA from north Andhra Vasupalli Ganesh, the TDP chief has quickly decided to stop other MLAs from Vizag  from leaving the party and joining the YSRCP. So, amid reports that another MLA – Gana Babu of Vizag West – too could join the YSRCP, he immediately made him the TDP parliamentary constituency incharge. This is an attempt to dissuade him from leaving the party.

However, Gana Babu is said to be ambivalent about the offer. His followers are even talking in terms of when their leader would join the YSRCP. Many are claiming that he would join the party on October 5. Meanwhile, Gana Babu himself is silent about it. 

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