Why TDP Is Silent On Antarvedi Issue?

 - Sakshi Post

The Telugu Desam Party is facing a peculiar dilemma. It is happy at the unfortunate incident involving the burning down of the chariot of Antarvedi temple. But, it cannot openly take up the issue and raise questions. It cannot say the Government has failed in protecting the Hindu interests.

The reason? The party does not want to antagonize the non-Hindu voters, who are present in large numbers. While so far, prima facie evidence suggests that this was an accident and has no religious conspiracy, such incidents are usually aimed at fanning communal tensions. But, communal flare-ups will not help the TDP at this juncture.

Hence, the party has neither issued a statement nor took to the streets. It remained largely silent. Only Lokesh Babu issued a statement, but even that statement was direction less. The TDP seems to believe that issues such as these would only benefit the BJP and largely tried to push the issue under the carpet

The result, is that the TDP remained largely muted on the issue. Politically, it lost a major opportunity to attack its arch rival.

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