Why Is Sri Bharat Not Visible In TDP?

 - Sakshi Post

Remember Sri Bharat? Well... one might ask who he is. He is the one who contested as the TDP candidate from Vizag Lok Sabha seat. Still doesn’t ring a bell? He is the son of former Vizag MP and educationalist MVVS Murthy and the son-in-law of actor Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Ever since he lost the Lok Sabha election, he is not to be seen in public. He has not attended any public programme on TDP dais. He is not even available to the party workers who had spent their time and energy for him in the 2019 elections. Sources say, he is busy with his businesses and focusing on them and them only.

What more, sources say that he is unhappy with the TDP and its boss. Sources say Bharat feels that he was let down by none other than Chandrababu himelf. He is said to have opened up with his close confidants that Chandrababu had personally sabotaged his winning chances. He reportedly feels that Chandrababu Naidu did not want anyone to rival Balakrishna’s another son-in-law Nara Lokesh Babu.

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