Who After Mudragada Padmanabham?

 - Sakshi Post

Is the much-touted Kapu stir tapering off? The enthusiasm to organize an agitation seems to be waning among the people. While the measures initiated by the YSRCP government have left a majority of the Kapus satisfied, the movement is also suffering a massive leadership crisis.

Mudragada Padmanabham, who led the Kapu agitation all these years, has decided to hang his boots. He has announced that he was abdicating the leadership as there were some noises against his stewardship. Unfortunately for the Kapu movement, there is no powerful and charismatic leader to lead the agitation.

Sources say that former minister Harirama Jogaiah is expressing keen interest to lead the Kapu stir. He has also formed an organized called Kapu Sankshema Sena. However, Jogaiah, who has over six decades  long stint in politics, has never been known to espouse the Kapu cause. As a result, the community is finding it difficult to trust him. There is also no faith on other leaders. As a result, the Kapu agitation seems to be slowly tapering off.

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