What Has Chandrababu Done For Women: RK Roja Asks TDP Leaders

AP Minister RK Roja Flays TDP Leaders - Sakshi Post

TADEPALLI: Minister for Tourism, Culture, and Youth Advancement RK Roja slammed the Opposition Telugu Desam Party chief N Chandrababu Naidu and questioned what he had done for the welfare of women.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday from Tadepalli, the Minister said that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was working towards women empowerment where 75 percent of welfare schemes were directed at women.

She termed the TDP as a party that cheated on women. She alleged that there were more maniacs in the TDP than in the country, citing the Vanajakshi incident and another incident where a young girl in Vijayawada had committed suicide after she was sexually harassed by a TDP activist named Vinod Jain. Why did Chandrababu not raise his voice or stage protests then, she asked. She also brought to light the role of TDP leaders involved in the Call Money sex racket where many women were exploited. Talking about the Vijayawada Hospital gang rape incident which the TDP used for political mileage and even attacked the AP Women's Commission Vasireddy Padma, she said that the TDP was indulging in cheap politics only to tarnish the image of the Chief Minister.

The Minister recalled that the Disha police stations were lauded by the Parliamentary Standing Committee. Did Chandrababu come up with a single scheme for women, she asked further. “I fail to understand why Chandrababu was protesting now,” she decried. Speaking further she questioned why his son Nara Lokesh did not stage protests when his Personal Assistant misbehaved with women members of their own party.  She also reminded when the TDP party president K Achhenaidu said that he would kick women with his boots in one incident and that was enough to show how psychotic they were, she flayed. "YS Jagan stood out as a brand ambassador for women's empowerment and was a beacon of light for women in the state, she said. We will not tolerate any kind of comments either on the Chief Minister or his wife," RK Roja warned.

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