Welfare Schemes are Hallmarks of YSRCP Govt: CM YS Jagan Taunts TDP Over Liquor Policy

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Amaravati: Asserting that welfare schemes are the hallmarks of YSRCP Government, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that President Medal, Boom-Boom beer, Governor Reserve, Powerstar 999 are the brands of Chandrababu Naidu and coined them as C and L brands.

Rounding off the short discussion on liquor policy in the State Assembly here on Wednesday, the Chief Minister dismissed the opposition’s allegations, stating that the government did not give permission to any new distillery or brewery since it came to power in 2019. He opined that the alleged J-brands were given permission during Chandrababu Naidu-led TDP government adding 254 brands to the existing list. As for the distilleries, out of 20 existing distilleries in the State, 14 were given permissions during the TDP rule and seven of them were permitted between 2014-19, even while he was an interim Chief Minister.

He said that Liquor brands like the President Medal, Governor Reserve, 999 Powerstar, 999 Legend, Boom Boom beer, ACB, Seventh Heaven are all part of Chandranna’s Kanuka. Also, the Chief Minister highlighted the role of TDP leaders in liquor business, where Vishka Distillery belongs to TDP leader Ayyanna Patrudu, PMK Distilleries is owned by a relative of former TDP minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, and Sri Krishna Distilleries is owned by Adi Keshavulu Naidu and SPY Distilleries by SPY Reddy, who all belong to TDP. He remarked that backstabbing politics is the trademark of Chandrababu Naidu and he was acting the same way even on the liquor issue.

The Chief Minister affirmed that there is no cheap liquor in the State and all the liquor that is being supplied is getting processed and distilled from licensed distilleries after going through various standard tests by both the company and the government. ‘Chandrababu, TDP and their own media houses are the only cheap brands in the State’ he added on a lighter note. 

Liquor rates have been increased to deter the poor people from consuming it and the government has taken over retail trade through the AP State Beverages Corporation and reduced the number of shops from 4,380 to 2,934. He clarified that no changes were made to liquor manufacturing policy. While the current government is bringing 16 new medical colleges, 16 new districts, the previous government gave permission to 14 new distilleries and 254 brands.

Speaking on Jangareddygudem deaths issue, the Chief minister said that the opposition has been deliberately trying to link these deaths to consumption of illicit liquor, while the fact is most of the deaths were natural deaths. ‘If the same liquor from the same distilleries were consumed during the TDP regime, it is a health drink, but in the current government it is spurious, illicit and dangerous. All the poison lies in the hearts ’ opined the Chief Minister. 

He also stated that there were no brands in the name of three capitals, special status, which is all a cheap political stunt made by the opposition to mislead the public. Exposing the evil nature of opposition leaders, the Chief Minister said that TDP leaders are trying to obstruct the implementation of women-centric welfare schemes with jealousy, and trying hard to bring down the State revenue. 

He said that the government has brought SEB to tackle the illicit liquor menace and registered over one lakh cases in just two and a half years, while the previous government had only registered 1.82 lakh cases in their five-year rule. The Chief Minister further said that all the previous governments failed to tackle the cheap liquor issue, while the current dispensation is the only one to curb it and will continue doing it , despite the polluted politics from opposition.

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