Watch: Unsung Heroes Of Guthi Save 2 Lives As Car Swept Away In Floods 

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ANANTAPUR: Brave and selfless villagers in Guthi (Gooty) area of Anantapur district emerged as unsung heroes when they saved at least three lives and came to the rescue of some stranded vehicles after flash floods to the Guthi rivulet caused havoc on Thursday.

Thanks to their valour and Good Samaritan nature, two persons travelling in a car had a providential escape from being swept away in the flash floods. Dramatic scenes were witnessed after the car was caught in strong water currents from the rivulet that is in spade. Had it not been for the quick presence of mind and selfless rescue act by the local villagers, the vehicle would have been taken away by furiously flowing flood water.

The villagers came to their rescue at the right time and pulled them out of the car before it was dragged away by the storm water.

The two survivors of the mishap, Rakesh and Rafi, hailing from Kadapa, were on their way to Bellary in Karnataka. It was an act of indecision that made them attempt to cross the rivulet knowing well that it was dangerously overflowing. Everyone sighed in relief to see the two young men survive to live another day, all thanks to the quick-thinking villagers.

Interestingly, it was not the only incident that saw the villagers lending their helping hand. An RTC bus which got stuck in the overflowing stream was pulled out by the locals before it could be drowned in the floodwaters. The locals used ropes to connect it to a truck waiting on the shore to drag it out of the mess. In a third, the local villagers also rescued a fisherman who was stranded in Guthi Lake.

Incidentally, the villagers’ first rescue act involving the car was captured on a mobile phone by one of the bystanders. The video, which went viral soon, shows the car being swept away by the strong water stream.

The visuals in fact revived the horrific memories of a recent similar incident that happened in Jogulamba Gadwal district of Telangana. a car was swept away by an overflowing water stream near Kalugotla village. Two persons managed to reach the banks safely but a woman named Sindhu Reddy went missing only to end up dead at a distance later.

A fully bloated body of Sindhu Reddy was found near Kurnool railway bridge following a search operation.

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