Maharaja Hospital Death Not Due To Oxygen Shortage: Vizianagaram DC

Hari Jawaharlal, Vizianagaram district collector  clarifies over deaths in Maharaja Central Hospital - Sakshi Post

VIZIANAGARAM: Hari Jawaharlal, Vizianagaram district collector clarified that the death of two patients in Maharaja Central Hospital here was not due to glitches in oxygen supply, but due to COVID-19. Speaking to the media on Monday, the collector said the situation was in control now and around 25 COVID-19 patients on ventilator support were shifted to other hospitals in Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam districts. 

He explained that at around 3 AM, there was a technical glitch in the supply of oxygen when the pressure levels came down creating problems in the supply. Meanwhile, the restoration works for the supply of oxygen is currently underway. There are 296 patients who are undergoing treatment in the hospital, he said.

The collector said that due to the timely response of the staff in taking alternate measures of shifting the patients to different hospitals, lives were saved. Hari Jawaharlal assured the families of the patients that there was no cause of worry and the patients were safe.

Responding to the news, Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister P Pushpa Srivani said that they were in the process of solving the technical issue related to the supply of oxygen in the hospital and assured the patients and relatives to not worry.

Health Minister Alla Nani was reviewing the situation to see that the technical problem with the oxygen supply was rectified as soon as possible. Fifteen patients were immediately rushed to different hospitals after the issue came up, she said.

Maharaja Central Hospital superintendent said the incident was due to a technical glitch in the oxygen supply and there was no shortage or lack of supply of oxygen. The hospital superintendent said it was treating 296 victims and along with them non- COVID-19 patients are also being treated. We are currently providing oxygen to 150 people, he stated.

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