Vizag: Ring Net To Be Used 8 Kms Away From Coast Line, Section 144 Lifted in AP Fishing Villages

Vizag: Ring Net To Be Used 8 Kms Away From Coast Line, Section 144 Lifted in AP Fishing Villages - Sakshi Post

VISAKHAPATNAM: In a bid to end the long-standing feud between fishermen related to traditional fishing and the use of ring nets, State Fisheries Minister Seediri Appalaraju stated that the ring nets can be used only  8 kms away from the shoreline and that Section 144 and 145 would be lifted from Monday in the two fishing villages.

After which the District In-Charge Minister Kursala Kannababu, Fisheries Minister Sidiri Appalaraju, Tourism Minister Avanti Srinivasa Rao and MP V Vijayasai Reddy on Sunday held talks with leaders of the fishing communities to resolve the dispute over the ring nets. Seediri Appalaraju said a committee was set up with representatives of traditional fishermen and fishing communities using the ring nets. Further action would be taken based on the report of the fishermen's associations. He said that the deadline for filing a report was by the 20th of this month. From tomorrow onwards the traditional fishermen can get back to fishing, the Minister said.

On January 9th several fishermen were injured and at least six boats were set on fire during clashes between two groups of fishermen over the use of ring nets in the restricted area of the Bay of Bengal. After the clashes, prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the CrPC were imposed in Vasavanipalem and Jalaripeta areas, where the violence took place.

Visakhapatnam RDO K Penchala Kishore's recent meeting with fishermen proved futile and no consensus could be reached between the two communities. After which the Ministers Kursala Kannababu, Seediri Appalaraju, Avanti Srinivasa and MP Vijayasai Reddy met the leaders of the fishing communities at the Visakhapatnam Collectorate office on Sunday.

After the meeting, Minister Seediri Appalaraju said that a committee has been set up with the district authorities to resolve the issue of fishermen. He said a permanent solution would be found by the 20th of this month. It has been announced that Sections 144 and 145 will be removed from tomorrow at Vasavanipalem and Jalaripeta and fishermen could continue fishing as per the rules from tomorrow. He warned that strict action would be taken if the rules were violated.

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