Visakhapatnam: 9-Day Baby Beats Post Natal COVID Infection

9-Day Baby Beats Post Natal COVID Infection in Visakhapatnam - Sakshi Post

VISAKHAPATNAM: A newborn baby girl, admitted to a private hospital here managed to beat the coronavirus and discharged on Monday.

The 9-day old baby was rushed to the Medicover hospital with severe respiratory problems and immediately shifted to the neonatal intensive care unit as her condition was critical. After the doctors conducted tests on the baby she had also tested positive for Covid-19.

Initial findings suggested pneumonia, and anticipating post natal COVID infection, the baby was given antibiotics. After her RT-PCR test returned positive, she was isolated with ventilatory care continuing round-the-clock.

The hospital’s chief neonatologist Dr Sai Sunil Kishore said they had administered IV remdesivir and IV steroids. As her condition improved gradually, she was weaned to non-invasive ventilation. The baby was then put on mechanical ventilation for seven days, then shifted to the general paediatric ward, and finally discharged after a 26-day fight.

The baby's father was constable and the parents thanked the doctors and the staff for saving their newborn child.

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