Virus Spread From Asymptomatic Family Members A Concern In AP

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Andhra Pradesh is witnessing a major spike in the Corona positive cases and Nellore, Srikakulam, Guntur districts have recorded over 1,000 cases daily. The health authorities mentioned that there are a large number of asymptomatic cases in the state.

Officials said as the virus was remaining airborne for three to four hours, those who come into contact with it were getting infected. The spread was more rampant in air-conditioned shopping malls, film theatres and other facilities, they added.

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Srikakulam district registered 1,344 fresh cases of Covid-19, and the district health authorities stated that many of them are asymptomatic. They were, however, spreading it first among their family members and then to their contacts outside.

They said that unlike in the first wave of the pandemic, where the virus used to take a longer time to spread, this time the transmission was occurring in a matter of hours. They opined that the virus was becoming a “silent killer” given the steady rise in the number of cases of death of infected persons.

Nellore district has topped the state with the highest number of 1,347 fresh cases. Guntur and Chittoor districts registered 1,202 and 1,063 fresh cases respectively and the district health authorities blame the spread of the virus on the careless attitude of the people to comply with all safety norms.

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