Vijayawada: Fraudster Cheats Man In The Name Of Amma Vodi Scheme

 - Sakshi Post

With technological advancements, it's easy for gullible people to fall prey to cybercriminals. Fraudsters call people seeking their credit card, Aadhaar number saying that they would update all the details. Despite the fact, the bank authorities keep warning people against frauds saying no government would call or ask for such details. Yet, several innocent people trust their words and give all their details.

In a similar incident, a grama sachivalayam volunteer got cheated by a fraudster. According to the police, the incident took place on March 20 in Gannavaram. A man called up a grama sachivalayam volunteer saying that he was calling from the AP Secretariat. The man took all the information regarding the functioning of government schemes. The volunteer trusted the fraudster's words and later revealed a student has not received money. So, the man asked the volunteer to take the father of the student into a conference call.

Later, the fraudster called the parent and cheated him. He asked him to transfer Rs. 4,000 and later Rs. 9,000. The father of the student who believed in the words of the fraudster transferred a total of Rs. 13,000. The fraudster later switched off his phone. The father who came to know that he was deceived complained at a police station nearby. He and the volunteer went to the police station and explained what had actually happened. The Police registered a case and the investigation is on. Police urged the people not to believe in fake calls and stay on guard.

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