Velerapadu Malpractice Death: Alla Nani Orders Inquiry

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West Godavari: Andhra Pradesh State Deputy Chief Minister and Medical Health Minister got serious over the death of a mother of a newborn due to medical malpractice in Velerupadu.

Minister Alla Nani inquired about the details of the incident from DMHO Dr. Sunanda. Legal action will be taken if RMPs provide over-the-counter treatment anywhere across the state.

State Health Minister Alla Nani has ordered an inquiry into Srinivas Nursing Home Hospital in Velerupadu, West Godavari district. He also directed DMHO Dr. Sunanda to take action against the RMP doctor responsible for a woman's postpartum death. They informed that they have appointed a senior gynecologist to investigate the death of a newborn's mother.

Minister has also directed the DMHO to take immediate action if a hospital is operating in the district without the permission of the Medical Health Department.

District Medical Health Officers seize the hospital in Velerupadu. Polavaram MLA Talla Balaraju spoke on the phone with Minister Alla Nani, who expressed condolences to the family of the deceased newborn's mother Nagmani.

Minister has directed DMHO Dr. Sunanda to conduct inspections regularly across West Godavari district and take strict action against any hospitals operating illegally without any permission.

DMHO Dr. Sunanda told Minister Alla Nani that steps were being taken to register a criminal case against the RMP doctor responsible for Nagmani's death.

Minister Alla Nani also directed the district medical health officials to take precautions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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