Two Patients Die Of Black Fungus In Kurnool GGH

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Black fungus cases are now being reported in the State of Andhra Pradesh also where reports state that two Covid patients died due to the black fungus at the Government General Hospital in Kurnool district.

Hospital Superintendent DR G Narendranath Reddy said, the two patients, one 35 years old from Guntur and the other 66 years old from Anantapur, were admitted to KGGH due to complications from Covid-related illnesses.

Dr. G Narendranath  Reddy described the condition of the patients who died of Black Fungus by saying that their eyes were swollen and in bad condition. He emphasized the importance of managing blood glucose levels in Covid patients, saying that they must track sugar levels regularly to maintain them within the protocol's ranges.

In response to the rising prevalence of black fungus among Covid patients, he stated that the use of steroids cannot be stopped because they have more benefits than drawbacks. Covid patients were placed on mild steroids even after they were discharged. The issue, he says, is that doctors aren't educating the public about the importance of keeping blood sugar levels in check.

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