Two Bills Pertaining To Three Capitals Of AP Sent For Governor's Approval

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AMARAVATI: The Andhra Pradesh government on Saturday sent AP Capital Region Development Authority (Repeal) Bill 2020 and Decentralisation of Administration-Inclusive Development of All Regions Bill 2020 – aimed at the creation of three capitals for the state -- to the governor for his assent. As one month has passed after the reintroduction of the bills in the State Legislative Council, the Assembly officials have sent the two bills to the governor for his approval as per rules.

These bills were passed in the state Assembly in January this year but were stalled by the TDP in the Council. As stipulated by Article 197(2), after four months, the YSRCP government re-introduced the two bills in the Assembly and got them passed again. In the council, the TDP members stalled it again.

The Bill enables the setting up of three capitals with Amaravati as the Legislative Capital, Visakhapatnam as the Executive Capital and Kurnool as the Judicial Capital.

The YSRCP government intends to decentralize the administrative governance and also ensure balanced development of all regions in the state. Pursuing this objective, it came up with a decision to set up three capitals in the state - Amaravati as the Legislative capital, Visakhapatnam be the Executive Capital and Kurnool as the Judicial Capital.

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