Tirupati MLA Performs Last Rites of Covid Victims Abandoned Due to Fear of Infection 

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Tirupati MLA Bhumana Karunakar Reddy took part in the funerals of patients who died due to Covid-19. He arranged the last rites of 21 unclaimed bodies in the Ruia Hospital Mortuary at Tirupati on Wednesday.

He garlanded the bodies and handed them over to the members of the Muslim Joint Action Committee, for cremation. To date, the JAC team had performed the last rites of 501 bodies since last year with the cooperation of Tirupati MLA.

Bhumana said that many people are leaving their family members in the hospital, not because of financial constraints but because of the fear of infection. “I am above 60 years old. I have twice tested Covid positive. Yet I am not afraid to participate in funerals. My intention is to drive away baseless fears among people," he explained.

The MLA distributed PPE kits to all Muslim JAC members and was there when 21 bodies were being placed on Mahaprasthanam and JAC vehicles.

Tirupati civic body members Venkatesh, Narendra and SK Babu, chairman of Ruia Hospital development committee Chandrasekhar and superintendent Dr Bharathi was present.

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