TikTok Sensation Rafi Shaik's Last Instagram Post Will Give You The Reason For His Death!

 - Sakshi Post

In a tragic incident, TikTok sensation Rafi Shaik committed suicide at his residence in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh on 23rd January, 2021. Police have filed a case and investigation is going in all the possible angles to know why did he take such a serious step.

According to the police, Rafi's parents alleged that he was kidnapped by some unidentified persons a week ago before his death and somehow he escaped from them. After this, the family members of Rafi raised a complaint in the nearby police station. Rafi was once again threatened stating that some of the objectionable videos that have been recorded when he was kidnapped would be out on all the social media platforms, if the complaint was not taken back.

Syed Iqbal, the brother of Rafi said that he got a call from a person named Mustafa and he asked Rafi to come to Narayana Reddy Peta to meet a girl at the coffee shop. Iqbal further added that Rafi was allegedly beaten by some unknown persons.

Rafi made headlines in 2019 after the death of his friend Sonika Kethavath. Sonika and Rafi met with a bike accident in 2019 while Rafi escaped with minor injuries whereas Sonika died on September 13, 2019. After the death of Sonika, Rafi said that he had announced to quit the video sharing platform. 

An Instagram account with name 'rafi._.shaik' is believed to be that of Rafi and the last post on this would tell that he was heart broken. Here is the post made by Rafi.

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