Tiger Roams Freely in Kakinada Villages, Refuses to Take the Bait

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Kakinada: Four kills and 10 days since the tiger was spotted in Prathipadu mandal and the man-eater is still on the run. Forest department officials have set up at least cages including three mobile cages at vantage points but so far the big cat managed to elude the trap. The Royal Bengal tiger has caused panic among the people of six villages since it strayed into human habitation over a week ago. 

The adult male tiger has, so far, not attacked any human being but preying on cattle. According to the forest officials, it has killed three buffaloes and a cow. The officials have laid traps and set up 40 cameras with night vision which have captured the tiger at various locations in the vicinity of Pothuluru village. 

As the tiger continues to roam in the region and refuses to take the bait, the state forest officials are now joined by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) in the rescue operation. CCTV footage from June 4 night shows that the tiger sniffed the meat (bait) kept in the cage but did not take the bait. 

Officials suspect that the big cat strayed into Kakinada from the Odisha side in search of a new territory. This is the first time a tiger has been spotted in the coastal area of the district. Tiger conservationists from Andhra and Telangana are cautioning people against fear-mongering. They have appealed to the people and the forest officials to ensure the safety of the wild cat. 

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To ensure safety of the people, the forest department officials have imposed restrictions on the movement of people from some villages in Parthipadu mandal. The normal life of the villagers has been affected due to these restrictions. The officials have also been asked to keep their livestock in the barn and deprive the wild animal of the cattle that it is preying on. 

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