TDP Plans To Capitalise On Farmer's Death Boomerangs

 - Sakshi Post

The TDP’s desperate attempts to cash in on the death of a small farmer in the Tadikonda village under the Amaravati Capital Area have badly boomeranged and its claims have fallen flat. The attempts to make a death caused by health complications was sought to be shown as a death due to the shifting of the capital from Amaravati.

Recently, a small farmer from Uddandarayanipalem in the Amaravati area, identified as Chinna Lazar, died due to ill health. But, the TDP found an opportunity to do politics over this death. Soon Nara Lokesh went ballistic on the social media and tweeted that he died due to the YSRCP government’s attempts to shift the capital to Vizag. He said Chinna Lazar was depressed over the YSRCP move.

Even as the TDP’s social media wolves tried to make it go viral,  Lazar’s daughter Esther decried the attempts at politicisation. She strongly criticised the TDP for trying to portray a normal death as a death caused by the shifting of the capital.”My father died of ill health not due to the depression caused by the shifting of the capital as you claim,” she said in a tweet. She also pointed out that Chandrababu did not even bother to meet her father while he was the president of land owners in river islands.

She said Chandrababu was hiding in Hyderabad and is using his son to fire salvos at the YSRCP by using her father’s death as a cannon fodder. With Esther exposing the TDP’s devious strategy, the Twitter gang of the TDP has suddenly fallen silent.

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