TDP MPs Actions Detrimental To Polavaram Development: YSRCP MP Margani Bharat

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NEW DELHI: YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) Member of Parliament, and Parliamentary Chief Whip Margani Bharat on Tuesday said that there was no misuse of funds allocated for Polavaram, and this was also clarified in the Parliament by the Central Government.

Speaking to the media in New Delhi the Rajahmundry MP said that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MPs were acting in such a way which was detrimental to the development of the Polavaram project. The TDP MPs were creating obstacles in such a way that it was leading to injustice to the State of Andhra Pradesh, he alleged.

Speaking further he said that the TDP does not care about the people of the State and was only interested in politics. In fact the Polavaram project was getting delayed due to Chandrababu's inadvertent planning and building the ECRF dam first instead of the coffer dam is an unforgivable act, he alleged.

The YSRCP MP said that steps were being taken to promote alternative energy sources and that 76 percent of the people should be given rice under National Food Security. He also stated that loans beyond the FRBM limit being taken were false. He said that Rs.6,600 crore electricity dues were to be received from Telangana. The Central government should take an initiative on this and ensure that AP receives its dues. He also urged the Centre to provide sanction for the 13 medical colleges in AP, MP Bharat said.

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