TDP Leaders Politicizing Natural Death Of Bheemili YSRCP Loyalist, Drape His Body With Party Flag

TDP Leaders Politicizing Natural Death Of Bheemili YSRCP Loyalist, Drape His Body With Party Flag - Sakshi Post

Visakhapatnam: The Opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) once again resorted to politicising the death of a YSRCP loyalist and forcibly covered his body with the party flag during his funeral procession at Bheemili in Visakhapatnam district.

As per reports in Sakshi, a local YSRCP local leader Appikonda Appalanaidu from Bhimili was suffering from illness for a long time and was unable to speak. He died on Monday and when his family members got ready for his funeral procession, a few TDP leaders came home and told his sons that the deceased  Appalanaidu had asked for the TDP flag to be draped over his body during the final procession as he was not given due respect by the YSRCP. The family members objected to this and yet they forcibly went ahead with their malafide agenda of giving it a political colour.

Appalanaidu's sons Appikonda Krishna and Appikonda Kumar condemned TDP's leaders' behavior. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, they said that the TDP was politicizing the death of their father. They stated that Appalanaidu was very fond of YSRCP and Chief Minister YS Jagan Anna. They questioned how their father, who was unable to speak at all, could talk to the TDP leader and tell them anything. They strongly condemned the act of the TDP by draping him in the Yellow Party flag.

Local YSRCP leaders also strongly condemned TDP's cheap politics. GVMC third ward YSRCP president Allipilli Narsinga Rao said in a press conference here on Wednesday that the TDP in charge of the constituency, Korada Rajababu, draped the TDP flag over Appalanaidu's body.

Speaking further he said that Appalanaidu was unable to speak for many days and asked how such a person could have told this to the TDP leaders. He said that Appalanaidu was a YSRCP loyalist and an admirer of Bheemili MLA Muttamsetty Srinivas.

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