TDP Leaders Are Hiding Facts, Misleading Public: YSRCP MLA

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MLA Vasantha Krishna Prasad flayed TDP leaders for propagating false information on maintenance of roads across the state and said it was due to negligence of Chandrababu Naidu during the previous government that roads were damaged.

Addressing a press conference at party central office here on Tuesday, the MLA said TDP leaders are hiding facts and misleading people through biased information. He said the previous government had constructed 1,356 km new bitumen road during its five-year rule at an average of 271.2 km per year and had done 8,917 km of widening and repair works, with an average of 1,783 km per year.

He said the government has constructed Rs 1,883 km bitumen road with an average of 942 km per year,  in last two years after YSRCP formed government and added that the state government has done widening and repair works along 4,015 km roads with an average of 2,000 km per year in last two years.  He said the state government has already approved for construction of 9,557 Km roads at a cost of Rs 7,828 crore and the tender process is almost completed.

The MLA said the roads were damaged due to heavy rains after YSRCP came to power, and they will be repaired once the monsoon is over.

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