TDP Leader Chintha Chinni Arrested In Bhasker Rao Murder Case

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MACHILIPATNAM: Machilipatnam police on Thursday arrested TDP leader Chintha Chinni, who is a close associate of former minister Kollu Ravindra, and two other suspects in connection with the murder case of YSRCP leader and former Machilipatnam Market Yard chairman Moka Bhasker Rao.

Police said that the accused confessed the elimination of Moka Bhaskar Rao for a political rivalry. Police will also interrogate some others associated with the case.

YSRCP leader Moka Bhasker Rao was killed in broad daylight in Machilipatnam on Monday afternoon. According to police, Bhaskara Rao was at the fish market around 1 pm monitoring some ongoing works when unidentified persons attacked him. Bhasker Rao suffered severe injuries on his chest and died while undergoing treatment in a hospital.

Bhasker Rao is a close associate of MLA and Transport Minister Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani).

Police said at least four assailants had attacked Rao.

Police have registered a case based on a complaint by family members of Bhasker Rao stating that under the instigation of former minister and TDP leader Kollu Ravindra, his associate Chinta Chinni killed Bhasker Rao with a plan. Police probe found that three persons were involved in the murder.

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