Srikakulam: Kidisingi Villagers Breathe Easy After Forest Officials Catch Rogue Bear

Srikakulam; Kidisingi Villagers Breathe Easy After Forest Officials Catch Rogue Bear - Sakshi Post

SRIKAKULAM: Villagers of Kidisingi village under Vajrapukotturu Mandal in Srikakulam district breathed easy after forest officials on Tuesday caught the bear alive which had killed one and injured several people in the past few days.The forest officials traced the bear to a house, tranquilized and put it in a cage. They shifted the animal to an animal rescue centre close by.

The wild animal is believed to have strayed into the village in search of food and water and had attacked people eight people who were near a cashew orchard causing severe injuries. The injured farmers were shifted to the government hospital where the medical condition of six injured farmers is stated to be critical.  On Sunday the bear attacked a 70-year-old man named K Kodanda Rao who died of injuries after the attack.

A case under Section 174 was registered and the police called the forest department officials to come and catch the bear as it had created panic among the villagers. 

The forest department sent a special rescue team who kept a watch on its movements and had traced it to a villager's house in an orchard. They alerted the neighbouring houses and evacuated the villagers before the rescue operation and finally caught the bear alive, much to the relief of the  Kidisingi villagers.

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