Snake Inside Bike's Headlight In East Godavari

 - Sakshi Post

A snake that was trapped in the headlight of a motorcycle was rescued.  The incident took place in East Godavari district. A poultry farm owner from Penuguduru village in East Godavari district's Karapa mandal went to Karapa on a two wheeler on Monday night. He stopped his bike at a market to buy some fruits.  

Then suddenly the snake came out from the headlight of the motorcycle. The locals noticed it and immediately a snake catcher was called. Muthyalu, a snake catcher from Karapa rescued the snake. He removed the parts of the bike and rescued the snake. A lot of chaos created during the process of rescuing the snake. If the locals wouldn't have seen the snake then it would have definitely killed the motorcyclist.

A few days ago, a snake was found under the seat of a bike while he was riding the motorcycle. The incident took place in Mumbai. The passersby alerted him and then he stopped the bike and slowly prodded with a stick. 

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