Rising COVID Cases Among Kids in Telugu States A Sign Of Third Wave?

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The fear of Covid's second wave hasn't subsided yet, and the anxiety of the third wave has already begun. The situation remains uncertain as to who it is going to affect next irrespective of age or gender.

If the Coronavirus keeps changing its pattern, the third wave may present a hazard to children and will reportedly have a bigger impact on them. At this point, international scientists warn that the virus may have a significant impact on children.

This third wave, however, has appeared in Andhra Pradesh recently. Around 2.3 lakh Covid-19 cases have been reported in the previous two weeks. Between May 18 and May 31, 23,920 instances among children under the age of 18 are said to have been reported. Children under the age of five are also included in this.  And with the latest reports coming in 2,209 of them have been infected with the virus over the last few days.

Doctors state that some 4,200 children in East Godavari, the state's largest hotspot at the time, have been diagnosed with Covid. Around 3,800 children are thought to be infected at another Covid facility in the Chittoor district.

The spread of the coronavirus is changing, according to Dr. Chandra Shekhar, a pediatrician at the Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) in Visakhapatnam. In the first wave, the effect was seen in the elderly, and in the second wave, it was noticed in the youth.

 Dr. Chandra Sekhar also stated that vaccine trials on children are still underway. If children were infected, he continued, their symptoms would be severe and they would develop sepsis. He stated, "Every effort is being made to ensure that the virus does not affect children," "We are providing the necessary health and technological infrastructure to ensure that the virus does not spread to children," he added. 

With this, even the Telangana government has prioritized addressing that risk. Experts warned that over 30 lakh children in the state are now at risk of catching the virus, causing the state government to take preventive steps.

Approximately 6000-8000 of these children may require ICU therapy. One percent of those surveyed are afraid that their children may be suffering from a potentially fatal 'Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome' (MIS-C) attack

The government is already planning to improve children's medical care. A meeting of the Department of Health's Committee of Experts, regarding the present Covid situation, was recently convened. This gathering appears to have made important decisions on pre-arrangements.

Corona had little impact on newborns in the first wave. However, in the second wave, the threat became more apparent. Last year, a total of 81,967 children in the state were infected with the coronavirus in its first and second phases. According to medical authorities, just 1% of these two phases were treated in serious conditions in hospitals. The number of instances of the deadly 'Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C)' is expected to rise between June and August, according to the government.

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