Recently Promoted Highly Paid SK University Junior Assts Can't Write A Word of English

Recently Promoted Highly Paid SK University Junior Assts Can't Write A Word of English - Sakshi Post

ANANTAPUR: Shocking facts have come to light in the Sri Krishnadevaraya University (SKU) Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, about the literacy qualifications of employees belonging to the non-teaching posts like records assistants among others who are incapable of writing documents in basic English!

This has become a major headache for the SKU administration where they have to bear the brunt of having such employees despite paying them salaries anywhere between Rs 50 to Rs 70 thousand. Reports in Sakshi say that around 40 Junior Assistants are unable to write their own designations in English, and forget about their names. They are unable to write a letter and send it to their higher-ups. They are said to have joined duties as Record Assistants under the daily wage cadre and secured permanent postings as Junior Assistants. As they do not have the necessary skillsets, the SKU officials are facing difficulties. If they are given any file for drafting to be sent to the higher officials they are unable to do so leading to delays in basic administrative work.

Junior Assistants are entrusted with routine clerical office works like dispatch, typing, recording, and indexing of files, preparation of statements, file registering, etc., and  also other works assigned by higher authorities from time to time

They were all recently given special computer training to enhance their skills as per the technological advancements. They were unable to cope and continue to lag in services. SKU management wants to shift them to posts that do not require such skills, but doing so might lead to a shortage of Junior Assistants. Meanwhile, University officials are trying to figure out how to slot them other posts and make use of the services where they can be of some use.

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