Rare Sightings: Dolphins In Rushikonda Beach, Gold Fish in Chittoor Lake

Rare Sightings: Dolphins In Rushikonda Beach, Gold Fish in Chittoor Lake - Sakshi Post

VISAKHAPATNAM / CHITTOOR:  Thanks to the monsoons, torrential rains are lashing the State of Andhra Pradesh, leading to several new fishes coming out and rare sightings of dolphins reported in the State.

RUSHIKONDA: A pod of dolphins was sighted at the Rushikonda beach near Visakhapatnam on Sunday morning. Livin Adventures which conducts scuba diving, adventure sports, and kayaking at the beaches there, shared a video of the rare sighting on their Instagram page.

They had ventured into the sea for about a mile on their speed boat when they saw the dolphins swimming together. There were about 15 of them which were spotted gliding through the water in the clear seas making it a truly amazing sight tp behold.

They were seen around two years ago and this was the second time that dolphins were spotted in the Visakhapatnam beaches stated Balarama Naidu, a scuba diving expert from Livein Adventures.

PALAMANERU: In another incident, a very huge Goldfish was caught by a fisherman in Byreddipalle in Palamaneru mandal in Chittoor district. Locals were shocked to see such huge fish with a deep golden colour.

The fish which was termed as the ‘bangaru theega jathi’, weighed around seven Kilograms with a golden hue was caught when the fishes were swimming in the floodwaters of the Lakkanapalle lake in the mandal, much to the delight of the fisherman there.

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