Polavaram Updates: Lower Coffer Dam Works Moving At Brisk Pace

Lower cofferdam work begins at Polavaram Project - Sakshi Post

POLAVARAM PROJECT UPDATES: Construction of the diaphragm wall of the lower cofferdam for the Polavaram Project commenced on Monday. While the construction of the upper cofferdam is nearing completion, the works on the lower cofferdam is being done at a brisk pace.

Another cofferdam will be built downstream of the spillway to ensure the water does not flow back to the ECRF (Earth Cum Rock Fill dam) site. Construction work on the ECRF dam will begin at the end of this year.

The construction of the entire upper cofferdam averaging 40 meters has been completed. The upper cofferdam is expected to be 2,480 metres long and 42.5 metres high.

The lower cofferdam will be 1,616 m long and 30.50 m high. Construction of the lower cofferdam, which is 10 meters deep and 1.2 metres wide, is being sped up. So far MEIL has already completed 62,730 cubic meters of rock filling work on the lower cofferdam. Once the water is completely drained, the authorities have taken steps to complete the work of the main dam and the Earth Cum Rock Fill Dam (ECRF) site in September.

He has been reviewing its implementation from time to time and examining the works at the field level. Officials working on this project have been directed to complete the project on time. The government completed the spillway in record time to divert the flow of the Godavari as per the plan.

The Polavaram project will store 194.6 TMCs in the main dam, the Earth Cum Rock Fill (ECRF) Dam. The dam is to be constructed in three sections (564 m in Gap – 1, 1,750 m ECRF in Gap – 2, and 140 m in Gap – 3) in the Godavari river basin.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has drawn up an action plan to complete the Polavaram irrigation project by 2022.

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