Polavaram Updates: German-Made Hydraulic Hoist Cylinders For Gates To Be Installed

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Construction works are in full swing for the mega Polavaram Project on Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh and it has now reached a crucial stage with the installation of the gates on the spillway.

As part of this, the State Government has imported  hydraulic hoist cylinders required for gates, from Germany. A total of 98 gates will be installed at the project, which will be operated hydraulically on the spillway at a height of 55 metres. Engineers of Polavaram Project say this is the first time in the country that hydraulic gates are being installed at a project.

As of now, 70 cylinders were transported from Germany to Visakhapatnam port in a special ship. From there these cylinders will be brought to the Polavaram site in special vehicles while the remaining 26 cylinders are slated to be on the way.

These cylinders are manufactured by a company named Montanhydraulik  and a noteworthy feature is that the Polavaram  project  will install these hydraulic hoist cylinders which are said to be one of the largest gates in the world.

The AP government is making all efforts to ensure the completion of the spillway and cofferdams before the Godavari floods. After the  flooding last year, the works of Earth-cum-Rock Fill (ECRF) dam of the Polavaram Irrigation Project (PIP) resumed in December.  The Polavaram project is targeted to be completed by 2022 Kharif season as per the directions of the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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The AP government has undertaken the work of installing 48 gates at the project, which will be operated hydraulically on the spillway at a height of 55 metres as per the designs approved by the CWC.

 Each gate will be 20.835 metres height and 15.96 metres in width. There will be eight arm-girders for each gate. Total 384 arm-girders and 192 horizontal girders with a height of 16 metres each will be installed. Skin plates will be fixed after the work on girders is over.

As of now, 26 gates have already been completed. Another 22 gates will be installed soon. The weight of each gate is 300 tons. Two hydraulic hoist cylinders with a capacity of 200 metric tons per gate are to be installed for lifting and lowering them.

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